Lisa Marie Scott is so hot. She too has that seductive face that many on our sexy white girls list seems to have. She is an American model and actress from Florida. Lisa Marie Scott must have a lot of experience working the bikini on the beach because she sure looks like a natural, and has a great tan too.

Lisa Marie Scott Sexy White Girls
Lisa Marie Scott Sexy White Girls
Lisa Marie Scott Sexy White Girls
Lisa Marie Scott Sexy White Girls
Lisa Marie Scott Sexy White Girls

Danielle Lloyd is one of our bad sexy white girls. She is a British lingerie model who used to be Miss England and Miss Great Britain, until she was stripped of her title. She's not the first beauty pageant queen on our list, but she's the first one who was stripped of her crown. This was after she posed nude in Playboy magazine. I kind of like that about Danielle Lloyd though. Nothing turns me on more than a naughty side of a girl. You can tell that she is a tiger in the sack. Just look at her eyes. Sexy white tiger, Danielle Lloyd is.

Danielle Lloyd Miss England Pictures
Danielle Lloyd Miss Great Britain Pics
Danielle Lloyd Playboy Nude Photos
Danielle Lloyd Sexy White Bikini Pics

Marisa Miller could possibly the most perfect sexy white woman in the world. She said that she loves sports, and just sitting on the couch watching TV. When Marisa Miller was on the Best Damn Sports Show she seemed so down to earth. Not to mention that she is so so so so so so HOT. She was the cover girl for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue this year, which should speak for itself. Marisa Miller stays fit and is striking blonde. What more could you ask for in a sexy white girl?

Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated Pictures
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Marisa Miller Sexy White Girls

I really can't believe that sexy white girl Carmella Garcia is married to quarterback Jeff Garcia. She was a Playboy Playmate of the Year for goodness sake. This guy is the luckiest man in the world. I mean yeah, he's a pro athlete, but she is way out of his league. Carmella Garcia (maiden name Carmella Decesare) is one of the sexiest white girls I have ever seen. She is a brunette and posed for Playboy, looking awesome. Some guys have all the luck. See pics of Carmella Garcia below posing for Sports Illustrated magazine.

Carmella Garcia Playboy Pictures
Carmella Garcia Sports Illustrated Pics
Carmella Garcia Sexy White Girls
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Mena Suvari comes in at #25 because she played the ultimate iconic sexy white girl in American Beauty. She also starred in American Pie the same year. Mena Suvari has a very classic good girl look. She is from America too, so these roles are fitting. In the movie, the main character Lester (played by Kevin Spacey) fantasized about Mena's cheerleader character. In fact, she gets naked and nude (topless I should say) in the movie. In her nude scene, she is just a high school student, but they don't have sex. Mena Suvari was looking very sexy and white in that movie.

Mena Suvari Sexy Pictures
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Mena Suvari Sexy White Girls Pics
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I fell in love with Brooke Burke the minute I saw this sexy white girl on Wild On E. I loved her bubbly personality and smoking hot body. I can't believe this woman is a mother of multiple kids. She has appeared in Maxim Magazine, FHM, and many many other photo shoots. Brooke Burke is American and is looking very delicious on the beach in this black bikini. Her eyes and her wavy hair are awesome. She did some pics in Playboy too which I will post, maybe for sexy white girls volume 50.

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Natalia Paris is a sexy white girl who is actually from Colombia. You can't really tell initially by looking at her, but she is one of the most successful Colombian models. She has a lot of admirers in Latin America and she is the only model that works for Crystal Gold Beer and Besame Lingerie. This sexy Latina woman is smoking in the pictures below, and she has a great character as well. Natalia Paris does a lot of charity work, raising money for underprivileged children all over the world. Marry her and you got the best of both worlds, a sexy white girl with a great heart.

Natalia Paris Colombian Model
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